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What is a CMS?

CMS stands for Content Management System, usually a secured admin portal that allows you to login and change the content of your site.

See Wikipedia's detailed explanation:

Web content can either be:
  • static:  hard-coded, raw HTML text, or
  • dynamic: controlled by the web server based on the data provided in the admin portal, typically stored in a database

Why a CMS?

  • you don’t need to pay a web designer to make updates
  • you don’t need to know HTML or any programming languages
  • anything on your site can be changed from anywhere you can get a Internet connection...
    • you’re on vacation and want to send out a newsletter to your customers?
    • you’re at the coffee shop and want to add a blog to your site?
    • you’re on a business trip and want to add a new product to your store?

Search Engines value dynamic content much greater than static content. While it's always an option to pay a webmaster to manage the edits to your site, you will have far greater control if you can simply login to an admin portal and make the edits yourself.
Plus, the search engines will love you for it! They'll view your edits as more relevant to the people searching for you - because it's new.

We can show you how the ¡VIVA!CMS can help you streamline your content updates.

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